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What Is Supply Teaching?

Most full-time teachers are undoubtedly dedicated to their work, but situations arise in which they may need another teacher to replace them temporarily. Supply teachers fill this need, and supply teaching agencies are organized to connect teachers with schools that need spots filled.

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Supply Teaching Agencies

Teacher Active is one such agency. Specialising in recruitment for supply teachers, SEN (special needs education) teachers, teaching assistants, and support staff, Teacher Active's website can be found at

TeacherActive's team of dedicated consultants bring to the table an ideal mix of skills and knowledge, and come from a variety of backgrounds emphasising classroom practice as well as extensive recruitment experience. Agencies like this are successful when they learn how to match up the right teacher with the right school or educational program. Teacher Active is also an advocate both for supply teachers and the schools they fill, and are committed to screening and clearance for all staff, around-the-clock emergency response, free career advice, and a simple payment system for all supply teachers.

Why TeacherActive?

It is difficult enough to find the right fit as a full-time teacher, let alone as a substitute. Finding supply teaching work that suits you and your needs can be frustrating. Incidentally, finding and screening supply teachers for a whole host of programs and children can be frustrating for schools. TeacherActive believes that its function as an agency is to give both parties what they want. Part of how they accomplish this is with their highly-experienced consultants, professionals who understand what it takes to work on behalf of teachers applying to work with different schools.

TeacherActive understands that while many teachers are driven by passion for what they do, they still need to make a living. Their long-term commitment to supply teachers means they are paid top rates, and given a wide range of opportunities in schools and other educational institutions at the times that work best for them. Supply teachers working through TeacherActive are guaranteed to be paid weekly, with no complicated or confusing payment system that delays their salary.

Support staff have become increasingly important to schools in recent years. The emphasis on them in various governmental policies suggests that their importance will continue to grow. Many individuals have experience in teaching and as support staff, but are comfortable doing both and simply need the guidance in finding a position. If you are committed to your work and to raising the standards of education, you should get in touch with TeacherActive. Once you have emailed or called, you can begin talking with staff about taking your next steps, particularly if you would like to be considered for work as a teacher or NQT (newly-qualified teacher) a teaching assistant a higher level teaching assistant a cover supervisor a learning support assistant or a special needs teacher or assistant.

It is TeacherActive's goal to connect eligible teachers with the schools that need them. Working together, we can ensure that everyone -- especially the children -- thrives.