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How to Prepare Your Child for High School

Starting high school can be an exciting and nerve-wracking time for your child. They are leaving the safety of elementary school behind and embarking on a new adventure. As a parent, you want to do everything you can to help your child succeed. Here are some tips to prepare them (and yourself) for high school.

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Essay Writing Tips: What Students Must Learn

A well-written essay should be clear and concise. Ideas in the essay should come out clearly without the reader struggling to understand what you’re trying to mean. Unfortunately, writing an essay is challenging for most students. As a compulsory academic writing assignment, you must practice and be consistent with each piece to get a good

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9 Educational Apps No Students Can Live Without

Technology plays a vital role in today’s education. Not only are classrooms equipped innovative devices, improving delivery of lessons. The market also has millions of apps with billions of downloads on Apple alone. Apps are crucial for businesses, employees, parents and students. With the right apps, students may learn better and enjoy the process of

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How to Cite Sources Online: A Short Guide for Students

Citing sources is important in all academic writing. It applies to research papers, essays, dissertations and presentations. You can paraphrase a journal, book, or webpage. After quoting any source, you must credit the original author through citation. Failure to cite sources properly is considered plagiarism because it would appear you were presenting another person’s work

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Becoming an A+ Student: How to Improve Your College Grades

Grades are not the measure of a person. What’s more, they are not the sole measure of your academic accomplishment. Although they’re an imperfect reflection of how much knowledge you have, good grades are still relevant to helping you achieve success in life. So working hard to improve your grades is crucial. Why Being an


Study Slumps: What You Can Do to Overcome Them

No matter how productive studying can be, investing in a good three-hour session is not without its challenges, and even if you break up your day as best you can, study slumps are a common occurrence no matter where you find yourself. As a result, you end up retaining less knowledge, feel demotivated to put

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Five Essential Skills Every Teenager Should Master

The teenage years are a time of experimentation, growth, and discovery. It’s also a time when you’re trying to figure out who you are and what your interests are. The world is your oyster. But before you venture out into the big wide world, it’s essential to be prepared with some basic skills so that


The Degrees That Will Help You Land a Promising Career

Malcolm X once compared education to a passport as it is the key to a promising future because it could help pave the way for a promising career. But with the abundance of degrees and courses, from tree surgeon courses to computer science, it can be challenging to choose which one you want to invest your time and money


How to Make Extracurricular Activities Work in Your Favor

Getting involved in high school clubs, sports teams, and other pursuits outside the classroom comes with many benefits. For one, it helps you develop your talent and skills. It also allows you to make friends and learn more about yourself. And admit it, it’s a fun way to spend your time after school. Your extracurricular

Pursuing Bachelor of Arts? Here’s What You Should Know

High school graduates often face two major decisions that shape their future: their area of study and their choice of college or university. Selecting a major can be a daunting task for some, as their decision can determine how much they’ll earn and what their work environment will be like. Once a student has settled

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