Is Your Kitchen Always a Mess?

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It’s Friday night, and you’ve decided to whip up a grand dinner for everyone in the house. So you take out everything in your cooking arsenal and get to work with the appetizers down to dessert. And after two hours of grueling Hell’s Kitchen reenactments, the feast is ready, and everyone gets to dine like royalty. There’s just one problem, though, the kitchen is a big mess, and you don’t know where to start cleaning up!

Sadly, this is a common problem faced in households everywhere, and try as they might clean it, the mess appears endless. What’s worse, if they cannot clean up immediately after, the amount of work starts to pile up, and the kitchen becomes a room of disarray.

However, more often than not, the source of the mess isn’t the act of cooking itself. Realistically speaking, ingredients and cooking equipment will go from one place to the other because that’s what cooking is like. The real problem is your kitchen’s organization, and because the cooking space was disorganized, to begin with, it doesn’t make the cleaning process very effective.

It’s Not Impossible

Nevertheless, don’t be disheartened, because fixing up your kitchen is not an impossible task to do. And if a scholar pulling an all-nighter for their work-study diploma can keep their room clean, then that makes the prospect of kitchen organization even more plausible.

All it takes is a balance of creativity, willingness, and the extra jolt of elbow grease and rest assured that a clean and organized kitchen is something within your grasp.

#1 Clean Up

First on your to-do list is to clean up, you’ll want to work with a blank canvas, so if you’ve got some wrappers and leftover ingredients lying everywhere, it’s going to make things more challenging. They don’t belong in your kitchen and don’t offer anything other than being unsightly. So get your cleaning gloves out because it’s time for a deep clean.

Take out all the trash. ; When we say take out the trash, we mean every nook and cranny you can find. Far too often do people ignore hard to reach areas leading to dust build-up and quite the nasty scenes. Understand that the kitchen is where you cook food and prepare all your meals, which means you wouldn’t want anything disgusting crawling out of nowhere and potentially on to your food.

Utilize the space you already have. Cabinets, drawers, and all other furniture for organizing should be utilized. Sometimes all it really takes to tidy up a kitchen is realizing that you aren’t tapping into all of its potential space. Check parts that you don’t frequent as much, and you might find extra space you didn’t know about.

#2 Double Your Counterspace

Second, on the topic of utilizing space, your countertops can offer so much more than general cooking. They double-down as the best place to display frequently used kitchen equipment and appliances and give life to your cooking space if you’re creative enough.

Use racks. An excellent way of doubling your counter space is by using racks to get that extra oomph. Instead of placing items directly on top of your countertops, shelves let you double the surface area and stack more utensils, spices, and the like.

Get creative with the wall. If you’re into doing some small DIY projects, we strongly suggest that you get creative with the wall. Instead of keeping it bland, you can try installing your own pegboard storage to hang and display all of your kitchen equipment. You can also add baskets to get even more space.


#3 Label and Assign

Lastly, if you’re serious about organizing your kitchen, then a great way to keep things from suddenly appearing at the weirdest of places is labeling and assigning them to specific zones for the cooking space. Admittedly, no matter how good of a memory you have, actually seeing the names and having places designated will make organizing much more manageable, and you won’t have to go looking for stuff every time you need to cook. And on that note, we suggest you group them accordingly:

  • Frequently used items like plates, utensils, and bowls
  • Kitchen equipment and appliances
  • Pantry for your spices and herbs
  • A special place to keep all your cleaning supplies

Slow And Steady Process

Before you go and get to organizing, we want to let you know that it will be a slow and steady process. The kitchen is just one of those rooms bound to accumulate a mess one way or another. However, do practice these simple steps regularly, and we can promise you that you’re going to see changes very soon!

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