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Grammar Corner: Do vs. Due

In this edition of Grammar Corner, we discuss some of the most widely used grammar errors in the English language. We don’t just correct you, though; we pinpoint exactly why a particular word/phrase/idiom is used incorrectly, while providing the context for each mistake, and then providing the right word/phrase/idiom. Most of the time, a grammar

How to Improve Your Spelling Skills: 5 Tips to Get Better at Spelling

Growing up, I was that kid who was always entering spelling competitions and spent a good chunk of her childhood memorizing how to spell advanced words at a young age. And when you’ve had a helicopter mom like I did who would try everything to make you spell more effectively, you know which tips online

Grammar Corner: What’s The Difference Between Allude vs. Elude?

You can allude to something, you can elude from someone, but you can’t mistake these similar sounding words for each other because they have very different meanings. You can’t allude from the debt collector when you’re broke because it doesn’t make much sense (unless you’re trying to explain to someone why you’ve no money without

Peer Care: 3 Things to Do When Teaching Kids How to Share

It’s not innate for kids to share things. It’s a skill that you need to develop in them. For sure, you know well that it’s not as easy as it’s said. In fact, your encouragement to share toys or snacks with peers is probably met with wild tantrums, angry faces, and tug-of-war fiasco. The thing

boy learns to speak different languages

Strategies to Follow When Opening a Language School

International travel is more comfortable and affordable than it has ever been. This brings many advantages, including the ability to live, study, and work abroad. In any place in the world, language impacts how people interact and express their feelings to those around them. When traveling to a foreign country, learning the local language is


The Greatest Secrets of the World’s Top Writers

Although free online book publishing is a great way to motivate and excite any writer to start a potential writing career, there’s still much that you need to go through to become a great writer. While it might seem like a challenge to reach the heights of the most popular writers in the world, there

professional employees

Simple Suggestions for Improving Your Professional Career Image

It isn’t much to say that an employee’s dedication to their work is the best way to boost their career development. Performance speaks volumes when it comes to how hardworking and committed a particular person is to their line of work. However, most businesses and companies would agree that it’s not only about the work

Why Christian Schools Are Ideal

There is no debate about the fact that every child has the right to education. Education prepares a child for his or her future career and becomes central in shaping who the child will become in the future. Children spend more hours in schools than at home, and there is no doubt their school shapes

a teacher with her students

What Qualities Form a Great Kindergarten?

A young child is malleable and open to formation. It’s very critical them to provide with the proper education from an early age. That education usually begins with finding a great kindergarten in Tootgarook. That often presents a challenge given how many institutes who have cropped up over the years to flood the market —

Teacher and students

Storytelling Geniuses: 3 Ways to Nurture Young Creative Writers

There’s a real merit to teaching children how to write stories on their own, aside from opening up the possibility of a creative writing career in the future. When students are able to gain mastery in crafting narratives, they’re able to improve cognitive faculties, develop empathy for others, and express their emotions better. That said,

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