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Grammar Corner: What’s The Difference Between Aid vs. Aide

The words “aid” and “aide” are separated by one letter in terms of spelling, sound the same, and have a meaning that intersects at one point, so it’s easy to understand why some people mix the two up. After all, an aide’s job is to aid, but not all aid comes from an aide. Does

Grammar Corner: What’s The Difference Between Already vs. All Ready?

Is it right to say that your group is all ready to leave for your trip, or are you already to take your upcoming English exam? For those whose first language isn’t English or are just starting to learn, you may find that some English homonyms are difficult to tell apart and figure out which

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Why it Matters to Take College Prep Programs

Getting into a college or a university of your choice is essential in molding your future. It will guide you through the path you’re planning to be armed with as you enter the real world. This is why it is important to make preparations to get into the school you’ve always wanted. Along with maintaining good

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Finding the Right School for Your Child

It has long been established that education is a human right that everyone is entitled to. The right education provides people with the opportunity to grow and develop into critical thinkers that have the capacity to better their lives. However, there is still prejudice towards certain groups of people that make education a privilege that

Kicking Off Your College Preparations While You’re in High School

You’d usually think that you’re better off spending your high school years having fun with your friends and enjoying life in general because the moment you hit college, you won’t be able to do all of these activities. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be preparing for the future. In fact, it’s highly recommended

Why Are the Salaries of Construction Workers Going Up?

Construction has experienced one of the highest increases in wages in the past few years. The average salary of a construction worker in the U.S. has passed the $30 per hour mark, making it one of the highest paying careers in the nation. Lacking Manpower In the past year, 45 states have begun new construction

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Sit Back and Think: What’s the Best Seating Plan for Your Class?

The four corners of the classroom is an ideal place for learning. However, given that you cannot always control the number of students you will be teaching, it would be challenging to make sure that you are giving them equal attention and that all of them are maximising their opportunities to learn. That is why

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Elementary School Transition Tips: How to Make it Easier

Now that things go well for you and your family, you have the financial capacity to move to a new and better community where you can live comfortably and peacefully. If you’ve been living in the metro your whole life, perhaps you’re planning to move somewhere outside the city. Cavite is one of your best

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Why You Might Not Pass Your Driving Test

  Applying for a driver’s license is a rite of passage for young adults. It signifies a readiness to commit to bigger responsibilities and financial obligations. A driver’s license also comes in handy in situations that require valid identification, like when applying for a loan, getting a visa, signing a lease and so forth. Teenagers

Hobbies that Teach Students Important Life Skills

One can never have too many hobbies, some would say. The question, however, is how productive children’s chosen hobbies are, and how time-consuming. Though it would be nice to see them grow up well-rounded, achieving that can be quite the challenge if one hobby takes too much of their time without giving anything valuable in

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