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Grammar Corner: Canon vs. Cannon

In this edition of Grammar Corner, we discuss some of the most widely used grammar errors in the English language. We don’t just correct you, though; we pinpoint exactly why a particular word/phrase/idiom is used incorrectly, while providing the context for each mistake, and then providing the right word/phrase/idiom. Most of the time, a grammar

Should Students Get Homework? The Pros and Cons of Bringing School Work Home

Since its inception, homework has been a controversial topic that has been debated upon by experts from every field of education. Whether it’s algebra problems, language arts activities, or physical dioramas, experts from both the pro-homework camp and the anti-homework camp have given more than two cents on the subject. As early as the first

It Doesn’t Have to be Homework vs. Extracurricular Activities: You Can Find a Balance

Extracurricular activities does wonders for school-age children, from teaching them new skills and helping them socialize, to developing their passions and providing a constructive outlet for their energy (not to mention act as a stress reliever from school-related stressors). Of course, this isn’t even mentioning that most colleges prefer kids with tons of extracurricular activities

Do Your Homework Faster and Better: Time Management Tips for Students

Homework can be boring and tedious, but it’s still a necessary part of any student’s life. In fact, researchers have found that the right amount of homework can greatly improve a student’s future academic performance, all the way until they reach college. While it might just seem like extra work, homework actually gives you an

Homework Motivational: How to Motivate Yourself to Do Homework

Let’s face it: no one likes to do homework, it cuts into our time with family, friends, and relaxation, not to mention studies that show too much homework can actually be detrimental to learning. Never the less, the appropriate amount of homework has amazing benefits to the learning process of any student, and while it

Grammar Corner: What’s The Difference Between Course and Coarse?

When the English language contains many homonyms, homographs, and homophones, it’s only natural that some people get confused. For example, the words “course” and “coarse” are two words with very different meanings, but because they are homophones (words with different meaning and spelling but similar pronunciation), it’s possible for some people to use the wrong

Grammar Corner: What’s The Difference Between Aid vs. Aide

The words “aid” and “aide” are separated by one letter in terms of spelling, sound the same, and have a meaning that intersects at one point, so it’s easy to understand why some people mix the two up. After all, an aide’s job is to aid, but not all aid comes from an aide. Does

Grammar Corner: What’s The Difference Between Already vs. All Ready?

Is it right to say that your group is all ready to leave for your trip, or are you already to take your upcoming English exam? For those whose first language isn’t English or are just starting to learn, you may find that some English homonyms are difficult to tell apart and figure out which

College students

Why it Matters to Take College Prep Programs

Getting into a college or a university of your choice is essential in molding your future. It will guide you through the path you’re planning to be armed with as you enter the real world. This is why it is important to make preparations to get into the school you’ve always wanted. Along with maintaining good

Classroom at school

Finding the Right School for Your Child

It has long been established that education is a human right that everyone is entitled to. The right education provides people with the opportunity to grow and develop into critical thinkers that have the capacity to better their lives. However, there is still prejudice towards certain groups of people that make education a privilege that

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