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Lost in Law: How to Find the Right Legal Career

Some of the most popular college majors that Americans take can prepare them for a career in law. From political science to humanities, law schools welcome students from college courses. And, it seems like many people are taking advantage of this. The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) reported that 60,401 people applied for law school this

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CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Study Notes: What Is Adware?

Advertising malware, also commonly known as adware, is one type of malware that you probably know about because you see it every time you go online. Adware basically displays unwanted ads usually in an intrusive, irritating, and sometimes dangerous way. While adware is not outright dangerous, some forms of adware can compromise your system’s security

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Secure a Place in Top-Rated Schools with 3 Secrets

You’ll have to overcome stiff competition to secure a slot in one of the most prestigious schools in the country. With applicants numbering in the tens of thousands for the few available spots, you have to utilize the most effective aids you have at your disposal — a college admissions consultant such as Write Track

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How to Maximize High School Shadow Visits

As a parent, providing your children with quality education is a top priority. Enrolling in the right school will help your child grow academically, physically, socially and spiritually. While you may have a checklist of the important factors that a school and its curriculum must include, it may not be enough to provide you with

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Things to Consider When Applying as a Truck Driver

Industry experts see truck driving as one of the fastest growing occupations in the country today. It also plays a huge role in today’s economy by accounting for 70% of inland freight delivered by trucks. But truck driving job openings may vary on work hours and earnings, depending on its complexity. So, staffing agencies like

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Five High-paying Jobs with Minimal Training

Most white-collar jobs will require a college degree, but those jobs are limited and the competition is fierce. On the other hand, blue-collar jobs require minimal training and the U.S. is facing a shortage of workers. Wages are rising, and some blue-collar jobs pay more than standard office salaries. 1. Truck Driver As long as

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