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Everything You Need to Know About Formal Education

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve undergone at least one form of formal education. In the past, education was limited to the wealthy to keep the lower classes uneducated. After all, it was easier to rule when the majority of the masses were too illiterate to protest your own logic. By the Middle Ages,

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The Different Types of Education

For the most part, there are various types of education available all over the world. While some school systems in other countries have different practices from ours, generally, there are standards set so that there are equivalents that allow people to continue schooling even in another country. However, education isn’t limited to the specific types

Post-Graduate Studies: Everything to Know About the Highest Levels of Education

After graduating high school or earning your GED, you will reach a crossroads that could determine your future career: enter the job market and begin looking for a job that best suits your talents and financial needs, or enter post-secondary education and attend college, vocational school, or earn any certificate course before entering the workforce. But

The Necessity of Moral Education in the Modern Age

A professor once told me that no matter how good a person was at math, science, literature, or art, if they didn’t have the right set of morals to back it up when they finally put their talents to use. After all, history has seen a lot of intelligent people do terrible things in the

Plato’s Theory of Education Explained

Though a lot of beliefs and knowledge in the past have become outdated in favor of new discoveries, plenty of philosophers remain relevant with their ideas that continue to exist and hold true in this day and age. Take, for example, the Greek philosopher Plato. A student of Socrates and later on the teacher of

Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Post-Secondary Education

Are you about to graduate high school or have already graduated but are considering further studies for better employment opportunities? If so, then you might have heard the term “post-secondary education” every now and then. As the name goes, post-secondary education takes place after you finish high school. And while most people see it as

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Self-care: Coping with College Stress

Freshman year is often the most challenging episode of college life. Regardless of your course, such as fashion design at Parsons or business analytics at NUS Business Analytics Centre, your first year in college can cause feelings of stress and anxiety. Most campuses have a dedicated counseling center that can help students struggling with homesickness

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Skills You Need to be a Lifestyle Guru

People seek advice from others to help them overcome a certain challenge or make a smart decision. Advising to help someone out is something that comes second nature to some individuals. But do you have what it takes to turn it into a full time job? Some can turn their talent for advice into money

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What’s An Educational Background and Why Are Employers Asking?

For most of us that have had to go on the job market at least once in our lives, we all know how the pre-employment process works. Part of this process is writing an impressive resume that can get your foot in the door towards the job position you want. You might have noticed in

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School Culture: 3 Ways to Encourage Students to Read for Pleasure

Young readers make better students. When kids read, they are able to expand their vocabulary, understand grammar, sharpen creative skills, and know more about the world. The goal of every good teacher is not just to teach students the skills of reading, but also impart to them the discipline and art of it. That in

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