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College Isn’t Free in Canada, But It Is Affordable

Since college is an optional educational experience for high school graduates, college becomes more of a privilege than a right. Those who can afford it can earn a diploma that gives them a competitive edge in the job market, while those who can’t either have to find jobs with a high school diploma or spend

The Power of the Word: It’s Origins, Construction, and Its Power

There are few things more powerful in the human experience than the spoken and written word. Words have the power to create not just sound, but thoughts, ideas, principles, ideologies, all of which can create empires, or destroy them. Man has known about the importance of the word since time immemorial, with various cultures even

Types of Adult Education for the Continuing Learner

When people talk about education, they often think about children, teenagers, and young adults sitting in classrooms. While it is true that the educational system is structured around a person’s younger years, education does not have to stop the moment a person drops out or graduates from high school or college. In fact, there are

Grammar Corner: Confusing Word Pairs

In this edition of Grammar Corner, we discuss some of the most widely used grammar errors in the English language. We don’t just correct you, though; we pinpoint exactly why a particular word/phrase/idiom is used incorrectly, while providing the context for each mistake, and then providing the right word/phrase/idiom. Most of the time, a grammar

Is My College Teacher a Professor or a Lecturer?

Do you call your college teachers a professor or a lecturer? Some professors prefer to drop the formalities and just go with a “Mr.,” “Ms.,” or “Mrs.” or just drop all the honorifics and go on a first-name basis with their students. However, some professors and lecturers will want to uphold classroom formalities and expect

How to Handle Homework in College

No, you won’t be escaping homework once you get into college. While most portrayals of college and university educational experiences involve lectures, thesis writing, and sitting on the grass with a racially diverse set of friends, there’s actually more to it. Although not as glamorous or exciting, homework still exists even in college. And like

Do Grades Matter? Here’s a Rundown for High School and College Grades

Ever since I was young, my parents and teachers stressed the importance of high grades – and I believed them. I graduated high school with no failing grades. And then I got into a good university, studied well, and earned the highest GPA I could get and ended up graduating with honors. Fast forward to

How to Email a Professor: Guide on How to Start and End an Email Conversation

The other day, I saw a post involving this hilarious exchange between a drunk student and his professor. Luckily for Patrick Davidson, Mr. Martin took this drunk email in stride. Here’s his reply. I don’t recommend you trying this out on your own college professors, though. While Mr. Martin took this email pretty well, some

So You Want to be a Research Assistant Professor?

So after many years of blood, sweat, procrastination, and tears, you’ve finally completed your post-graduate studies and are now ready to put those 3 expensive letters, Ph.D., after your name. Congratulations, you’ve now made a significant impact (in your particular field of study), and the academic world is now richer by this much because of

How Does Homeschooling Work?

While traditional schooling exists so children have educational outlets to help them in the future, some parents may feel that this is not enough. For instance, some students may have needs that can’t be provided in a regular classroom. Some parents want their children to learn in an environment free of bullying and peer pressure.

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