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How Does Homeschooling Work?

While traditional schooling exists so children have educational outlets to help them in the future, some parents may feel that this is not enough. For instance, some students may have needs that can’t be provided in a regular classroom. Some parents want their children to learn in an environment free of bullying and peer pressure.

Earning the Highest GPA You Can

Everyone may have their own reasons to go to college, but most do it for the educational experience and the diploma. While not all prospective employers care about your grades, having impressive grades on your resume can help you stand out amongst a sea of applicants. This is where your GPA comes in handy. Your

How Does Grading on a Curve Work?

Test scores used to be fairly simple. If a teacher gives a hundred-item exam and you get 80 questions right, you get a B-. Get a 93, and you get an A-. And if you perfect the score, you get a 100% or an A. It’s pretty straightforward – until your teacher decides to grade

What Happens If You Fail a Class in College?

When college tuition fees can cost upwards of $10,000 annually, you’re definitely going to want your money’s worth. And, for some college students, that means preparing for anything that can happen that can throw off your educational experience. So, what happens to your college education should you fail a class? While it may involve repeating

Appropriate Gifts for Your Favorite Professors

Gift-giving is a great way to show your friends and loved ones that you appreciate them. Whether it’s for Christmas, their birthday, or just an ordinary day, giving them a gift can make their day brighter. But that’s not to say all gifts are good ideas. Gifts that are inappropriate, too cheap, or too expensive

Tips for a Memorable Educational Experience

Everyone has their own educational story. For me, it was someone who was never the top of her classes but was at least smart enough to excel in her studies. Looking back though, I wish my educational experience involved being more social and making more connections with my classmates and doing things that were out

Tips to Reach Your Long-Term and Short-Term Educational Goals

Not everyone has the same educational goals. Back in my college years, I knew I would get a passing grade on even some of the hardest classes and toughest professors in the university, so my goals were to aim for graduation honors. However, there were other students who struggled with their classes, so their goal

The Different Types of Informal Education

In our last set of articles, we discussed the different levels of formal education and the different types of education. When we talk about informal education, however, we can’t really talk about it in the same method because it doesn’t have the structure formal education has. Because unlike formal education that has clear-cut levels and

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