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Everything Starts at Home: Helping Your Child Make Friends at School

Every parent understands the importance of making friends at school. Friends allow us to improve our self-esteem, enrich our lives, and offer moral support during those times when we need to memorize poems and multiplication tables. In fact, making friends at school is equally as important as getting straight A’s in terms of development. The

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Grow Your Bottom Line by Refining Your Marketing Skills

Successful businesses recognise that the ability to keep the sales volume high is their lifeblood. As such, they pull all stops to refine their ability to keep their customers loyal. It’s no secret that running a successful business is tied to your ability to recruit new customers and retain current ones. You need to convince

Fingerprints of the suspect

Unchangeable and Unique: Fingerprints in Crime Investigation

A fingerprint match means investigators are one step closer toward apprehending a suspect, locating a victim or uncovering the circumstances behind a crime. With intact ridges and swirls, they can narrow down the search to a single individual. In fact, experts can use them to track one person, even decades after he or she left

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