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The Insurance Industry’s Battle for Talent and How It Can Win

The use of new technology is likewise increasing at a rapid pace. All the insurance’s critical tasks are affected by digitization, statistical technologies, and artificial intelligence development. With the rise of high-quality UI, including those from Google, Amazon, and other prominent applications, consumers are now savvier and demanding in their digital experiences, mainly because it’s


Smart Choices You Make Today for a Brighter Career Tomorrow

Did you know that not taking more initiative is the most common regret made in career decisions? People seem to regret the time they wasted by not seeking more opportunities to grow personally and professionally. However, there are many ways you can avoid this regret. For starters, you can try to take on a different


Why Going to College Still Beats Being a CEO Without a Degree

With the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates being the role model of the youth, many teens may assume that going to college is unnecessary. Ask them why, and they’d simply say that being street smart is more important than being book smart. While they’re not wrong, they’re not entirely correct either. College gives

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Overcoming The Obstacles Of Career Development & Success

Everyone has their own unique aspiration and dream in life. Some are very outgoing and dedicate their lives to traveling the world and sharing the many life stories they come across. Others prefer the world of finance and to understand the inner workings behind the flow of cash and how they can help others create

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Why Your Organization Should Roll Out On-demand Learning

Nowadays, everything can be accessed on demand. Your favorite songs, the latest blockbuster films, the newest episode of a television show, even mobile and video games are available to you whenever and wherever you need them. The internet has made all types of products and services accessible to the public at all times almost instantaneously.

What Activities to Do to Fight off the Blues During Lockdowns

As the world grapples with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, many people experience symptoms of anxiety and depression. Approximately 284 million people experienced an anxiety disorder in 2017. It is considered the most widespread mental health condition across the globe. In the United States, adults reported elevated adverse mental health conditions linked to the pandemic. How does COVID-10 affect

Your Guide to Becoming a Call Center Representative

Companies employ a call center for a variety of reasons. Some businesses outsource their customer service division to free up their staff members, so they can focus on improving productivity rather than fielding calls. Others hire call center vendors to generate leads and sales — both of which can help a growing business flourish while

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Pointers for Career Development

A career takes more than 30 years in the making. As a result, it requires consistency, discipline, effort, and resilience. With that in mind, let us look at three tips to make this journey much more rewarding and fruitful. Training and the Acquisition of Knowledge Knowing how to speak two languages will never be better

Get Ahead in Your Career by Developing Your Conceptual Skills

Have you ever wondered how a ten-dollar bill can get you a delicious meal at a quick-service restaurant? How about some non-existent digits on your PC monitor that allows you to purchase a home? This is possible because someone invented the concept of money. This idea was so handy and appealing that it turned into

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Make a Better Career Choice Today

While many students have an idea of the field they’d want to pursue, choosing the right course can still be a daunting task. Withdrawals or dropouts during the first years of college are often associated with settling on a non-satisfying course. Gone are the days where parents had to force you to pursue a career because they “thought” it was best

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