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“True education is a kind of never ending story — a matter of continual beginnings, of habitual fresh starts, of persistent newness.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien

Education is a continuous process of fresh starts and persistence. So, at Through Education, we encourage educators to constantly grow and develop their skills for the betterment of young students everywhere.

Our team understands that great education is the key to a better future. And great education starts when teachers are aware of their students’ evolving needs. Through our online platform, educators find relevant content about teaching, student development, and career progression.

Feel free to browse through the content prepared by our contributors. We have a growing community of writers who share the latest news and information about education, from teaching trends to educational resources.

Katherine Lee

Katherine Lee is firm in her belief that education is not just preparation for life. Rather, education is part of life itself. So, she publishes content that educators can use to improve their teaching approach and be more aware of student development. She writes so that educators will be inspired to build a community of lifelong learners.

As editor-in-chief at Through Education, Katherine makes sure that every blog post we publish is relevant to educators and the education industry. She oversees our content, ensuring that everything on our site is applicable for educators today.

Robert James

Robert James believes that a better society begins with proper education. He also believes that the time between birth and the age of six is the most critical period in life. So, he is a dedicated early childhood educator. He constantly finds ways to improve education and adopt to the changing needs of young children during their formative years.

When Robert is not teaching young kids or conducting lectures for their parents, he is writing for us. He writes mainly about topics like child development, social skills, and safety and nutrition. He also writes about fresh approaches to teaching, as developments come along.

Taylor Kinsley

Taylor Kinsley is no longer an elementary educator. But, that doesn’t stop her from looking after the success and wellbeing of young students. She is still very passionate about great education for elementary school kids. So, she stays updated with the latest teaching trends and shares what she knows with other educators.

Taylor writes about various concerns that elementary students face. These include social attitudes and behaviors, repeated aggression and intimidation, and the lack of parent involvement, among others. By shedding light on these types of situations, Taylor helps educators have a better understanding of students and how to approach them.

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